Launched in 2016, we strive towards developing a cloud-based technology to enhance online remote support, screen sharing, antivirus reviews and email marketing strategies globally. To flourish today and in years to come, businesses and individuals, however, need remote desktop support and a computer protective software to be able to erase malicious files and connect worldwide. We are at the forefront of that innovation. With us, email marketing jinx is broken.
As a young company who search for the best, we agree that great things happen when people get together, and technology should make this possible for them from anywhere in the world. It should act as an additive to improve and magnify people’s ideas and their capability to resolve issues and overcome threats. Our team and the management are putting collective efforts to ensure we create a niche that would definitely allow our customers to bypass any issues that could prevent them from accomplishing their goals.
From the businesses who view us as “pacesetters” to individuals who post their experiences and appreciation for our products across various social channels, we are constantly bent to satisfy our users’ imaginations in developing ways to expressly take advantage of our technology.

It’s not just what we can do; it’s how well we go about it.

Our management is serious about the quality of our individual work. More so, as a team we take pride in what we deliver; our aim is on a successful result for all. When things do not go as planned we take it as an opportunity to share and improve.

Thrive Together
Greatness comes from unlocking the hidden individual potentials. We believe that hunting and giving feedback are substantial for us to learn; we want to motivate each other to achieve great things. We believe that a growth of an employee is a growth in the whole organization.

We are the best and strive to maintain the standard. We have the fortitude and curiosity to dare the status quo, innovate and take reasonable risks. Finding a new method to move higher is interpreted by the growth of our products, our company, and ourselves.

At Floating Igloo we collaborate openly, we acknowledge teamwork; we do not want to win alone. How we get things done is as essential as what we achieve. Our success is centered on our ability to collaborate, break the jinx and connect across teams, functions, and geographies. We bring dedication and energy to work. We agree that an active partnership is essential to create better results. We respect your opinion and listen carefully with an open mind. With Floating Igloo your success is not farfetched!

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