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E-Mail Marketing

One of the blunders most marketers do commit currently is to believe email marketing is dead. Many marketers today tends to drop the email marketing idea to go with social media marketing. The fact is, social media look much glamour than email. Ask yourself; is a social media post really much more effective as an email inbox? Before you answer this question, I want to state the fact. It is very easy to send a friend request on Facebook or follow a celebrity on Instagram or Twitter than to collect an email online. But believe me, email marketing is twice as worth it as social media marketing. So the big question, what is email marketing?

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Email marketing is the outreaching of customers through emails. Every email sent to potential customers can be said to be email marketing. Email marketing entails sending a promotional message or an ad to a subscriber via his/her email address. Various firms and organizations today use email marketing. Bloggers, however, do use email marketing today than ever before. For example, you may have been browsing through a website, on the page; you may see some field where you are asked to submit your name and email to get free updates. That is the first phase of email marketing.

Online product dealers and Bloggers use email marketing because it aids the customer experience. With a well-written product description and targeted email list, you can easily reach out to prospective customers readily. Any given customer will be easily informed better via email. The email will have a greater visibility than an Instagram post. While a Facebook post will be immersed in a stream of content in the minutes following its posting, email marketing hits the target.

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Do You Really Need Email Marketing?

If you want to promote a business or a product, hence, improving readers’ experience, then email marketing should be your number one choice and most effective step to take. Forget about the sexy and the glamour of social media marketing. We are considering effectiveness here. We are talking greater engagement and more online lead. “Great outreach-Greater click”.
Nowadays, we browse more with our cell phones than our PC. More so, we are much easily notified when we receive emails. The techno-advancement of our phones helps to place the notifications right in front of our eyes.

Today, with the aid of our phone, we can easily check our mail inbox than a Facebook or Instagram post. Millions of people do post contents on Facebook every day. However, finding a particular post you liked two weeks ago can be the most frightening chore.

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